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About me

Welcome on my personal page. My name is Mateusz Kolasa and I am a web application programmer. I have been using the nickname IcyMat on the Internet for many years. I work as a PHP Developer at Polcode and specialize in the Symfony framework. I also develop my skills towards the front-end through learning react.js. Programming is my main hobby, but I also enjoy cycling, swimming and reading criminal and legal topics books. If you would like to contact me, please use the form in the contact section.



HTTPS—Modern Website Essential to Keep Your Business

Thanks to the Internet, we can now use...

Coauthor: Ada Borzemska

Moja asystentka Andra

Opis mojego głównego projektu - osobistej asystentki o imieniu Andra.


Jak to wszystko się zaczęło i kim jest Andra

Mój pierwszy w życiu większy artykuł. Opowiada o moich początkach z programowaniem.

7+ years of experience
25+ projects
100000+ lines of code
cups of coffee


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