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About me

Welcome on my personal page. My name is Mateusz Kolasa and I am a web application programmer. I have been using the nickname IcyMat on the Internet for many years. I work as a PHP Developer at Polcode and specialize in the Symfony framework. I also develop my skills towards the front-end through learning react.js. Programming is my main hobby, but I also enjoy cycling, swimming and reading criminal and legal topics books.

8+ years of experience
25+ projects
2,000,000+ lines of code
cups of coffee



HTTPS—Modern Website Essential to Keep Your Business

Thanks to the Internet, we can now use...

Coauthor: Ada Borzemska

Moja asystentka Andra

Opis mojego głównego projektu - osobistej asystentki o imieniu Andra.

Jak to wszystko się zaczęło i kim jest Andra

Mój pierwszy w życiu większy artykuł. Opowiada o moich początkach z programowaniem.